Becoming an Associate with us… JDI Solutions, inc. - “Just Do IT”
Learn about becoming and being a LegalShield Associate.. These links to short videos will help you learn about us.. 1.  “Be the Change” (12 min) A video for today... 2. “Download Your Freedom” (3:30 min) Your own business phone app!…      Ever heard of Uber, AirBnB, Amazon, Facebook or Netflix? 3. "Tap into the New Economy" (5 min) A video with Real Life information.   4.  “Introduction to LegalShield” (4 min) Kool information for thinking people… 5.  “Private Business Overview”  (22 min. -- super detail info. video)  This is the “Meat and Potatoes”           Click here for Our Direct  Associate Site  Chris Amber Petersen, JDI Solutions, Inc. Independent Associates, Directors - LegalShield